Long forgotten at the northernmost reaches of the Empire stands the abandonded tower. What evil has gone on here? What menace lurks in the dank dungeon below? Have a look around this beautiful model.
Play Mode Designed with play in mind. Each floor comes away to expose the interior. Take them all away and you find the secret dank dungeons hidden underground. Remove the secret door to find the concealed escape tunnel.
Display Mode Use the model as a fabulous setting to display your minis. Wall sections come away and each floor becomes a display shelf.
The Tower comes on 9 pages of printout. I would say that it is a fairly complex build best suited to modellers with some experience, and a little time. It took me all of a Sunday to build it, but a great way to spend the day!
Detail of the front steps and main entrance tunnel.
The Tower stands atop the rocky knoll of Scrag Top, a worn ragged outcrop of hard granate. A closer look will find the rotting remains of soldiers from ancient battles, the gravestone of a forgotten adventurer and gloomy niches where stone demons make their lair.

The card is cleverly sculpted to the uneven shape of the outcrop while handy flat areas are perfect to support minis as they storm the tower.
Detail of the underground dungeon. On the walls are the stacked skulls of thoes who dared vanture into this subterrainian pit of horrors. Everywhere the diabolical engines of torture still contain the grisily remains of their victims. In the centre, a fire blasted tube into the centre of the earth.
Detail of one of the levels.

Every level is different and packed full of individual details.
Copyright 2009 Leo Hartas. All rights reserved
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