Big Bad and Bashing down your garden fence. The Warhorse stops at nothing. This baby is a low profile mean and sleek killing machine. Check out just some of the specs:

- Angolass plyometallic shell with a retrovocitic coating. Incoming bounce off.

- Hi-tensile carbonide-tuffaclonk internal structure. Unbendable.

- Driver's cabin clad in softoglyde impact lounge padding. Nice.

- Supawide treadgentle hushtracks. Quiet.

- Lowthrow 10M megawatt Thumpcannon with backup slicerite railgun.      Shifting.

- Available in 4  scintillating outfits to suit tours in every theatre of war.
Desert Cool down in the heat of battle with an onboard iceographic frostblaster. Chilly.
Arctic Warm up your foes with a hell grade rapid fire scorch lazer.
Biozone. It green, sort off. Wipe out your enemy with an all organic viroglob mortor bomb.
Nuclear Swamp Seal up nice and tight away from your radiation buzzing battlefield and bathe your adversory in a molicule melting vibrowave. What fun.
Medium is how I'd describe the bulid. There are a few corners that require a little skill and patience, but all goes together beautifully.
Available twin packs.

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Although I've quoted the price in American dollars the models are available worldwide in many different currencies.
Clear Easiread Destructions
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