Grrarrrr! What a delightful sound as a dragon swoops down, barbeecues you in breath then bites you into little pieces to make a satifying afternoon snack.

These dragons are really Christmas cards, but they are perfectly adaptable to any time of year. They lift off their bases and old santa can be discarded to give you a pair of awesomely cheap battle dragons to strike fear into your foes at any gaming table.
Not just for Christmas
Rudolf the Red Breath is your typical fire dragon. Bad tempered and bad breathed the 1000 year old scaly skinned man eater is really soft at heart. Tuck him up with you on cold winter nights, and if you feel the chill just get him to blow on you.
Frosty the Ice dragon is quite the opposite. Cool and distant she barely moves, but watch out, her crystal breath will freeze you into a shard of ice before you can draw breath. Brrrrr!
The easiest to build, designed for everyone to enjoy. Each dragon kit comes ready to fold into a standard A5 envelope. If you really want to surprise your recipient you can build the dragon BEFORE you post it so that it arrives ready to pop out in it's full 3D glory. The finished models are designed to fold flat and slip into an standard A5 envelope for posting to your friends and family, or enemy.
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Although I've quoted the price in American dollars the models are available worldwide in many different currencies.
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