In Development. Here are a few images of my current developments. After a long absence from card kit development, I'm now back at my desk tearing my hair out trying to sort out where the tabs are supposed to go.

The two kits you see here are still in the 3D design program I use, (Lightwave 3D) awaiting the tricky bit of planning the card cutting pattern. Then the task I find most difficult, sorting out the destructions, because the most important thing is to make the kits logical and fun to construct.
The Howitza Trike A nice little mobile artillery piece that can quickly menovure itself into position on the battlefield.

The Monsta 120mm Thudmeister gun is fixed and can't elevate on it's own... but here's the trick. When it's time to bombard the enemy the gunner locks the two big rear tractor wheels, then cranks the engine to rotate the chassis and gun into the firing elevation.

Just kooky Chaos thinkin'.
The Maw strikes true terror into the enemy. Even those who have never seen it grimly grinding across the battlefield shake at the sheer grossness of it's concept.

It trundles slowly mopping up in the wake of a shock troop onslaught. The disorientated, walking wounded and plain foolish trip and stumble into it's jaws. They find themselves quickly caught on the barbed toungue rollers that  slowly convey them prostrate to the their final destination, the 'throat'. Here their agony mercifully ends as they are sliced and diced by spinning circular saws, then swallowed into the acid bath 'stomach' for digestion. Waste material is 'ejected'  round the back.

An unpleasant way to go, but cheap to run. It's digested victims fuel the engine!
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